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Thread: What Is The Title

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    Now this is gonna be embarrasing...

    What I'm looking for is a song featuring quite a lot of howling (yes , howling) , and a bit of lyrics that sounded like "come on baby , you want my advice ?" (of course , it only sounded like that , the words might be completely different.)

    Now I know this is a well-known song , but I can't for the life of me find the title , even with Google.

    Help ?

    *need more sleep and coffee*

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    in a plane, high as fuck
    Life's a bitch , and then you die. Questions ?
    yes, wut comes between the part about bitching, and dying?

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    Sleeping. Eating. Coffee.

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    It HAS to exist. I KNOW it exists.

    Damn you , howling song , WHERE ARE YOU !

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    god-of-rock's Avatar God of Rock
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    What kind of song is it.... rock, pop, hip hop?
    Whitesnake got some songs about howling...

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    I suck at determining genres... it's a bit rock-y , a bit country-y and a bit sill-y.

    Damn , that sounds like my kindergarten teacher

    It's moderately old - I think - and features a guitar-ish banjo-thingumajig . -y.

    Think western , but not quite. ish.

    *What have I been smoking ? Sheesh...*

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    Nightwolf's Avatar Old Guy
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    Banjo?! Are you sure it's howling, or is it yodeling?

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    Howling. Definately.

    No slack-jawed yokels in MY playlist

    *too much Simpsons - go Cletus !*

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    It sounds vaguely Monster Magnet....

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