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Thread: My Dvd-rom Doesn't

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    most dvds are recognized but movies like belly don't work.

    it reads as no disc in drive.

    I have a LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B 16X speed

    ne1 experienced this problem.

    btw the dvd works on my dvd player thats connected to my TV

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    compatability issues mabye, or mabye u need a new codec

    im not sure, so wait for someone else 2 respond 2, but the software ur using for reading dvds may be old and outdated.

    what are u using for plaing your dvds?

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    Most likely you are using a DVD+R/RW, which your DVD-ROM does not support (look here) and that perhaps your DVD-V player does.

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    there is a chance that the movies are on diff. regions...

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    Quick few questions. Is the DVD you playing a copy or a original?

    If a Copy then as mentioned above, it maybe that you are trying to play the wrong disc in the wrong player. As their is to formats +/- DVD's. So shall we say your DVD player (LG) is a DVD-R (so a - player) & this dvd you trying to play is a DVD+R, then it is not going to play. It's like VHS & Beta Max all over again, but on Smaller Disc's If thats the case, you have no joy in playing it unless you buy a DVD+R DVD player.

    If you are playing a different region disc then get a Region Free DVD player software.

    Now if the disc is a true original, well then you have got a few concerns, quick question. When putting the orignial in, what does it say on the screen? Disc not found etc? Does it work on a other DVD player?

    If disc not found, & works on another DVD player. I have to say you need to get it looked at, as that would rule out the possiblity of the DVD disc being faulty. If the goods are still under Warranty then shove it back to the manufactures, if not then test it at a mates house & buy what he got

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    thx for responding,

    yes it is the original DVD

    when I put it in it says "disc not found"

    I only encountered this problem with 2 disc Belly and Hip hop honeys

    the DVD-r/DVD+r only applies to burnt copies right?

    I'm using Power dvd 5 software cant this software play all regions?

    it's probably faulty cause somtimes I have to put a game cd in 5times just for the drive to recognize it.

    I bought the drive over a year ago so I don't think I have a warranty nemore

    Maybe if I update my driver it would fix the problem?


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