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Thread: Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance Ii

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    I love Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, but I only have a Gamecube, and that's what I've got part 1 for, but a few weeks back Dark Alliance II was released for PS2 and X-Box, but no Gamecube, anyone know if it's coming to GC.

    I've searched around on the internet and the only information I can find is on PS2 and X-box. I hope it's coming to GC, if it doesn't I'm going to be really pissed; cuz the way DA ended sucks, and just beckons for a part II to finish the storyline.

    DAI didn't come out for GC until like 6 months after it was released for PS2 and X-box, so I'm wondering if the same is going to happen for DAII.

    Anyone heard any info on this??
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    Sorry. The original port was late and sloppy , and hence sold like sh*t. BDII will appear on all consoles bar our beloved Cubie.

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    I didn't even know it was out.
    I'm going to get it for Xbox today then.
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    Gate II
    Is Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II ever going to come out for Cube? I got part one recently and am really enjoying it. If not, Why? I see it came out on Xbox and PS2 Last week.

    Matt responds: Sorry, but there are no plans to bring the game over to Nintendo's console. The first title, which was sloppily ported to GameCube more than a year after it had released on PlayStation 2, sold exceptionally crap on GCN. Instead of concluding that late, pissy ports don't sell well, the publisher has apparently decided that Baldur's Gate doesn't sell well on GameCube.

    From IGN


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