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Thread: Immediate Help Required!

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    Hi there i've been willing to ask this q's for a long time but never had the time but today i;ve got sum fre time so here goes.I start a download n its half way through when accidentaly my bro presses the restart button and i have to restart my pc then wheni reboot come up in my account and open kazaa lite ++ ver 2.4.3 every single file being downloaded is gone n i have to re download teh files.My q's is why does this happen and is there a way to get those files back which i wasdownloading or to prevent from such disaster as this has happened to me many many times when suddenly ma pc crashes i restart n the files in downloading queue disappear.Plz help me out i hope u ppl will coperate.Thx in advance.P3/\c3

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    I don't know... I haven't used Kazaa in sometime now. From what I can remeber downloads should automaticlly restart from where they left off. Very strange.

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    yes there is, if your brother can't stop hitting restart then don't let him use the pc

    things like crashing and pc restart without proper closing of klite will corrupt the dat files and klite will delete corrupted dat files.

    you can try easy recovery pro or cia unerase to get back those files. but once you get them you have to try to repair them and then if they get repaired then you can put them back in the shared folder


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