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Thread: Help Me! Reformat Help

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    ok imma reformat my h/d this is my first time, im thinking of getting a copy of win 98 off kazaa (any hashes to easy working copys ?) now wen i reformat i will lose my os correct and i will need to install again right ?(so imma use my burned copy) can some one plz walk me through this real quick plz

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    just buy a new computer

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    Well first thing do not get your copy of windows from kazaa, good chance of it getting corrupted, and if it does you will not know until you have formated and are half done the reinstall. Then you are screwed, there are copies of it on suprnova, it will prrbably be an iso, just burn that, put the disk on the drive, reboot.

    It should come up and ask you "press any key to boot from cd" press the any key. (If you do not get this, go into your bios and set the first device as your cd rom.

    Format and install. Make sure you have the key on hand aswell ( i recommend grabbing a few, just incase) Basically if you get started and forget somethig or something f's up you are gonna be in trouble.

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    Do as toddiscool as said with your bios and try before you format to see if your m/board will boot off of a cd first otherwise you will need a floppy bootdisc.

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    Whats your specs mate?You maybe better installing 2k or even xp.If you get stuck finding them

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    I've seen a machine made for 98 easily handle XP with a few tweaks here and there. 2000 is really stable though. Consider upgrading.

    I've seen 98 become completely unusable from a network card driver update.

    If you're curious what kind of tweaks, check the links.
    Black Viper's XP Service Guide
    Black Viper's Super Tweak Page
    XP Lite

    As for formatting, it's already been explained. It's real easy. Just pop in a cd and it will format for you, right before setup, with how you want to configure your drive(s). Just make sure you BIOS is setup correctly so it will know to boot from the disk (most of them are), and BACKUP YOUR DATA.

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    ehh the machine had 98 wen i bought it i think ill stay wit 98 ne way i got a new pc wit xp btw :-)


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