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Thread: New To The Boards......

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    Just found this board... very nice indeed........

    Got a question.... is there a way to decrypt a passwd in servu.ini?
    a pass that i losted :/

    KrackHead... btw this is not hacking related... bro

    hit me up....

    aim: breaksk8zach
    yahoo: Zach1234321
    mIRC: TrIaNguLaR or TrI

    mirc: #mp3HQ and #mp3HQ-chat i OWN BOTh wink.gif 100+
    on users. #xdccaholics and #xa i am co-founder there 900+ on users..

    if you can help me get a encrypted passwd.. i will hook u up on a 100mbit leech ftp site i have for my xvidz,dvdr,porn,mp3,svcd,games,appz,xxxpass and more!!


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    Fucking idiot! Moderation for you till you learn some manners!

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    google and though shall find...

    cracking isn't allowed but serials aren't allowed as well... Also for any questions about software or related this is the wrong section.


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