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Thread: Suggestion For Handling Torrent Requests

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    I see a lot of "I'm looking for this game or that movie" topics lately.
    It's not allowed to post torrentlinks here (of which i totally agree), but it's still allowed to point people in the right direction (I think)

    So my suggestion is to make a pinned topic or perhaps even subforum where people can get help on finding things.
    This doesn't need to be Bittorrent only, I'm posting this here cause I've seen the most 'requests' in here.

    I realize this must be a 'grey area' in respect with the rules, so I'd like the view of the mods/admins on this.
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    there should be np when people post a link to the site where the link can be found
    So pointing out the directions is allowed however we had some debates on this in team chat... 7th made it pretty clear there...

    Originally posted by 7th
    The code method is a way to get around it and therefor not allowed too* would be like allowing to post

    Not good
    Explaining how to find torrents are ok. We don't like if people trying to find a way around the rules.

    An example would be:

    Open your Internet Explorer, paste into your address bar, hit enter and once you see that the site works add filename.t orrent and hit enter again.

    This is not ok.

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    So in resume:
    You can find it at is ok and anything even ending in . torrent is not.

    And what about the idea to make it a general p2p thing, not just bittorrent?

    edit: that word-filter is REALLY getting on my nerves now...
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    Anyone have an opinion or is this another 'couldn't care less' matter?
    Can't remember a movie's name? Ask help at MovieWorld's Lost & Found


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