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Thread: Limiting Upload Rate...

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    So my internet provider cut off my service this morning because I had over 400 people connected to one of my ports and was uploading at over 1 meg a second. They said I was running a server which is against ISP policy. It sucks, so... How can I limit my upload to say never go above 500kbs?

    I know the FAQ says:

    How do I limit the amount of bandwidth consumed by BitTorrent?
    Use the --max_upload_rate command line parameter, which takes an upload rate in kilobytes/sec.

    But I don't run the command line, I click on the torrent and it starts. Anyone translate?


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    try to limit it as little as possible. just enough to appease your ISP. after all, sharing supports all of this

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    Download Netlimiter and set your bandwidth limits in that. You can set it for the whole connection or just individual applications


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