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Thread: Memory Help Plz

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    im goin to but a new mobo and it says i can take 2100 and 266 upwards in my current rig i have 2100 but 133 will this still work ??

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    Jul 2003
    Yes, but try to get Ram that matches your CPU Speed

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    im gettin a 2500+ barton which is 333

    would it make alot of diffrence in speed?

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    Aug 2003
    London, Kentucky
    You will most definitly want to put at least 2700 ram in that system, if not you will be underclocking the system, no point to buying a decent cpu and then underclocking it, by using slower ram.

    Ahhh, I think the multiplier is set at 11, so 11*133 = 1463
    where as if you use 2700, then 11*166 = 1826.

    So that will be about the difference in speed.
    Think about getting the 2700 ram.
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    Aug 2003
    or get pc3200 ram instead of the pc2700 as its usually not much more and it will let ou overclock later on if you'd like to.


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