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Thread: How Do You Clean Your Cd's?

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    I got the idea for this in another post called un-eraseable CD-RW. maybe you should try reading it. Perhaps you can help me.

    One day you are happily playing your favorite music cd in your pc, and the suddenly the music stops and you hear the CD's revolutioning. Im sorry, its a scratch. It happens to everything, music, video, dvd, games, even on Playstation, just any cd can get scratched. That makes me think why cd's werent invented like floppies.

    A couple of years ago i remember that when my cd was scratched, all i could do is buy another copy of the program. When i did that, i made an image of the CD that was new. I would just make another copy again and again, as it was necesary, but still, spending on cd-r's wasnt cheap.

    Then one day i see this comercial, about Skip Dr. (Quite a surprise for then) , i went directly to the store to get it. To my surprise it was VERY VERY xpensive! I decided i was just going to use the traditional methods.

    sometimes, when it was something sticky, soap.

    But, when you clean ur cd's, sometimes they just dont work anymore...-sigh-

    But, ¿How do YOU clean your CD's?
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    Water and a towel, I might try toothpaste on a duff CD sooner or later though.

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    I usually never have to clean any of my CD's, as I dont have too many music CDs. I just listen to my MP3s on my harddrive. I was putting on some chap stick the other day, and I thought maybe that would be a good idea since its so thick and all...but I have never tried it.
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    Elbow grease works for me. I generally get the artifical stuff though, the genuine stuff is expensive
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    Look at something really exciting and then
    Breath really heavily on it. Then rub in circular motion repetativly.

    I read somewhere once that toothpaste helps scratches....

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    I bought the Dr CD/DVD repair device from Virgin Megastore for approximately £25.00 and it's incredible. All you do is load up a disk, then spray with a small bottle of solution(supplied). Then turn the handle until the disk has rotated a full turn clockwise, then click a button and do the same anti clockwise. This has worked every time for me on old disks that would normally lock up the drive, the device simply re-writes the surface of the disk and can be performed several times on really bad disks with scratches. It really is a must buy, I can't recommend it enough
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    The bottom off your t-shirt mate.I did buy a packet of these wipe things from argos once for a tena,a mate told me then they sell them in poundland mind i have quite a few that wont copy from the disc anymore.

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    I use the protective cloth i ripped from a plastic dvd r case to clean.

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    I imagine that any form of fine buffering would work...

    CLOCKER! get in here, what do you clean your cars with???

    The machine seems great, do you ever have to buy more of something for it though?? i would like something that simply works again and again and again... for little mony...

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