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Thread: Ut2k4

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    where can i find a demo? i want to play it before i buy it!

    if any of you have it how is the multiplayer?

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    Demo not out.

    Game not out.

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    jus for the record the demo was announced last thursday and mark rein said it'll be out within 2 weeks from last thursday so it cud be any day now.

    kant wait

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    i was at game stop last week and they said it would be out feb 3rd.


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    Originally posted by vocabsr@7 February 2004 - 00:23
    i was at game stop last week and they said it would be out feb 3rd.

    r u serious?

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    it's feb. 6th today, better go check out if it's out yet (demo)

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    nope, dont believe it is...
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    I heard the Game release was Feb 13th, which would make it this friday.....friday the 13th


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