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Thread: Wanted !

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    Wanted ! Sharman Networks Team

    Phil Morle (Director of Technology)
    '' The guardian of your privacy'' with what ? Spyware ?

    REWARD : 10000000000000000000000 $

    Doesn't need to sleep and comes up with great new versions of KMD for your delight. New releases are staged like the large theatre spectacles he once directed. The guardian of your privacy, a technical visionary and a man who's word you can take to the bank.

    Nikki Hemming (CEO)
    ''Thinks that Kazaa Media Desktop is the killer app for the 21st Century''

    REWARD : 20000000000000000000000 $

    Pushed frontiers in entertainment and computer-games for people like Virgin and Sega and snagged an award or two launching market winners around the globe. Thinks that Kazaa Media Desktop is the killer app for the 21st Century and that the only limitations are the ones in your mind.


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    Note:The characters are fictional and any real time similitude is just fictional or coincidence.


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