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Thread: Remakes!

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    i'm really excited about this new metroid game that came out for the gba. even though it is pretty much a remake. there was a lot of new stuff added to the game though. hopefully, this will open up a lot more remakes also.

    i've always wanted to play the whole shining force III series. i own and have beaten shining force III part 1. to bad i've never played part 2 or 3. BUT, the game i would really like to see remade is PANZER DRAGOON SAGA! i own this game also, but if it could be remade for, let's see, the xbox. the graphics would be so bad-ass. the controls are fine and story is fine also. just would like to get an up to date version. if this game was remade, it would open up a lot more fans to this game also. i know a lot of ppl have never played this and would give gamers a chance to play it and appreciate it. then after it starts selling like hot cakes, sega would see that there is so much more left of this fine series and make more. that's what i'm really looking forward too. what's some more good games that need to be remade?

    also, i'm still waiting on a castlevania collection for the gamecube. can't u imagine? all the old castlevania's on one disk! ahhhh....
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    Quake world remade into the doom 3 engine... *drool*

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    chrono cross

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    Originally posted by striffy the snowman@10 February 2004 - 02:07
    Quake world remade into the doom 3 engine... *drool*
    well you must really like the idea that Quake 4 is being made on a modified doom 3 engine

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    I would like to see a remake of terminal velocity because that was awsome

    I remember when i was going to school we had like 20 pc hooked up and had crazy dog fights.

    Should be remade with kick ass graphics and so it runs normal on modern PC's

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    Body Harvest. Looked like crap when it was released , but man that was a good game...

    Earthbound / Mother 2.


    Lost Vikings.

    Metal Warriors.

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    Riven and Exile remade with the Doom 3 engine.
    myst 3 was made by some other company besides the original one "Cyan". Myst 3: Exile had some very film quality graphics, but it wasnt truely 3d like Realmyst.

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    Golden Axe ...or Streets Of Rage B)

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    duke nukem

    they wrere makin one, but i dont know were it went

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