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Thread: Peerguardian Goes Open-source !

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    PeerGuardian Goes Open-Source !!

    Posted by Method

    PeerGuardian has been a total pain in the ass for me over the last year and the demand on me from my real job has taken priority. I've also got other projects on and they've been neglected because of the PeerGuardian efforts. (and I owe to those who've been loyal to those projects to get back to them and stop leaving them stagnant!&#33

    So... I've decided it's time to open-source PeerGuardian!!

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    That's very good news... Improvements are coming...

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    Its good to hear that. Now there will be major improvemements.

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    Excellent play.

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    Does this mean it could be built into k-lite in some way...

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    It means anything is possible.

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    Originally posted by stupidguy@10 February 2004 - 23:45
    Does this mean it could be built into k-lite in some way...
    But there is already an ip updater in K-Lite which also uses peergaurdian database.


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