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Thread: Mute

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    anythoughts on the filesharing program MUTE?


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    How many users?

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    Mar 2003
    Mute is in beta, so don't expect it to be your primary p2p client. It does not have multi-source downloads or a resume function yet. Some speed is lost because all up/downloads are routed through your neighbor connections.

    Security is the main advantage of mute. You do not connect directly but through the neighbor connections. When you start a download, all you see is a virtual address of the source.

    The early versions of mute had a high download failure rate. This has improved with the 0.2.2 release. Mute is open source and some users have been adding features. I'm using a modified mute.exe by Mycroftxx called Mute 0.2.2 with robust download retries. This has improved my download success rate from fifty percent to ninety percent or better.

    I use newsgroups mostly, along with overnet, but I would like to see Mute grow into a primary network.

    If you currently run mute, then get Mute 0.2.2 with robust download retries by pasting this hash in the mute search bar: hash_5d6382880b09457958c6242fdf2f85a370339697
    Put the .exe in mute's program folder and use it to start mute.


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    thanks jg247, saw this on supr a while back and didnt really quite know how to set it up

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    The latest CVS windows version of Mute is available at

    It's updated every few days and has a full installer.


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