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Thread: Reg M$ Product Before Its Reported To Authorities

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    Software piracy continues to be a worldwide problem and Microsoft is committed to a long-term strategy of protecting intellectual property through innovative technologies. The introduction of technical measures to thwart piracy has kicked-off a cat-and-mouse game between software publishers and those who pirate software. Specifically, software pirates have been busy engineering circumventions to digital rights technologies including Microsoft's own product activation.

    Licensed customers will continue to enjoy product updates and access to Windows Update. Service pack 1 will fail to install on Windows XP installations using either of two well-known pirated product keys. Additionally, Windows Update will verify the product key used to install Windows XP against a list of valid product keys to ensure installations made with cracked or pirated product keys will not receive access.

    Users will have up to 3 days to re-activate Windows XP after making a hardware change that triggers the need to re-activate. Previously, users were required to re-activate immediately upon the next boot after the hardware changes were made.

    In order to protect customers and Microsoft against product key attacks, the product key used to install Windows will be included in the Installation ID for all activations completed after SP1 has been installed. Internet activations will send the entire product key while telephone activations will send a hash value of the product key in order to limit the increase in size of the telephone Installation ID..

    You have 3 days to activate your Windows or authorities will be contacted for piracy. To activate your Windows follow the link bellow :
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    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    I don't want to go to jail so I sent all the info requested

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    i wrote a fake adress on a legit copy of xp home

    what happens now?

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    make sure you put all the cc info, I thought it was a scam but after a email from ms they said it was perfectly ok to send all you cc info over the net, even your 4 digit pin # and your cw2 # (3 digit # on the back of the card for verification )

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    will i have any problems with my legit windows xp?

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    best to be sure I would send all pertinent info (cc info & pin #'s) to them, never can be too careful
    you don't want to go to jail

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    In the image, there is an entry for "Product Key", if you have a working product key why would you register yourself in the first place
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    Maybe I&#39;m missing something, but I thought all of this was general knowledge since XP was first released.

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    Just use the Corp Edition and forget about activating or registering. Also just make sure you get a non-blacklisted Corporate Key.

    Even better just make it so that the Service Pack 1 is integratated into your Installation CD.

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@11 February 2004 - 19:18
    after a email from ms they said it was perfectly ok to send all you cc info over the net, even your 4 digit pin # and your cw2 # (3 digit # on the back of the card for verification )
    Sounds dubious to me....
    I never sign up for anything online with a cc
    too dangerous these days.

    You never know how many schleps are going to have access to that info once it gets to MS. (If it does at all and isn&#39;t some kind of redirect.)

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    I believe everything I read on the internet and freely give out all kinds of personal info including credit card info people or honest as a whole and why would someone go through that much trouble to take advantage of me

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