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Thread: Wtf Does Iliegal Operation Mean

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    okay i get this frequently what the f8ck does u have performed an ilegal operation this program will be shut down"?? whats it mean???

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    It means something in windows messed up. Usually a bug or something. It happens way more often then it should.

    (donít worry, u didnít do anything illegal )

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    Illegal operation - A microprocessor has a finite number of instructions it understands, and each instruction is represented by a number known as an "opcode." The opcode 43 might mean "add," the opcode 52 might mean "multiply," etc. If the microprocessor is executing a program and comes to an opcode that it does not recognize or that it cannot execute because of the current state it is in, then the microprocessor stops to complain. The operating system handles this complaint by shutting down the offending program. Illegal opcodes normally come from software jumping to a location in memory that does not contain valid program information.

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    Or you may have two like programs running at the same time bumping heads.

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    or a million other things, download xp and upgrade if possible


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