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Thread: Klr

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    Feb 2003
    i just insatalled the KLR 2.4.9 and when i search the highest bandwidth shows as 50, why, on the other version it showed up to 3900.

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    Why is the maximum bandwidth on my search results only just [some value] ?

    This bandwidth value is calculated by how fast you have downloaded previously. So it is merely an indication of your bandwidth (or speed) which is based on the speeds of your previous downloads. So if you download fast once, you will see that the value has increased next time when you do a search.

    So don't worry. This bandwidth value DOES NOT have any affect on your ACTUAL maximum bandwidth (and download speed).

    Everytime you re-install Kazaa Lite, the value will be reset to it default value.
    from the FAQ's......theres a link at the top of the page


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