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Thread: Help! How Can I P2p Safely Anymore?

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    I'm not a very savvy user and I think most of my sharing peers are in the same boat. I'm a Canadian and it seems to me that the objective of the US and Intn'l anti-P2P regulatory bodies is to scare away potential sharers who don't have the time or skill to know if they are putting themselves at risk by file sharing. This tactic is effective as it is slowly taking the bulk out of the braun of free P2P networks (from what I've been reading in the K-lite forums). Does there exist a site/forum that very QUICKLY allows non-techies to know what soft/hardware to aquire and correctly configure so that they can feel safe from "the man" and crackers while sharing files? I think that this sort of education would be an effective counter-attack against that of the powers that be.
    The ultimate goal is, of course, to support those who create music, not those who "distribute". It is after all the information age; large recording companies have long been made obsolete by technology. But like most animals, they refuse to let go of their niche. They use their money to hang on to an environment that no longer has a viable place for them (I wear my Darwinist heart on my sleeve). As a result, the creative process and the enjoyment of its fruition are being damaged. Healthy P2P networks could pave the way for direct and independent support of those who create (imaginatively and technically) the art we all enjoy. Techies, please enlighten the P2P masses!

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    I would love to help Kilgore, but like you I have very little understanding of what is going on in the p2p world. Hopefully a technically minded person will answer your question. Though unfortunately if they do they will be sending the authorities to the same place as us. All part of life's rich tapestry I suppose.

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    PeerGuardian is an easy to use, straightforward IP blocker that uses a list compiled by its more savvy users, and regularly updated, to prevent anyone from the RIAA or other copyright enforcers from accessing files on your computer. With it installed, any attempt by a copyright enforcer to download a file from you is blocked and you are advised of the attempt. Of course, it's not 100% infallible, but updates are very regular, it's supported by some very tech-savvy dudes, and it greatly increases the odds in your favour. And best of all, it's free! No spyware either!

    Kazaa Lite Resurrection also supports PeerGuardian blocklists in its Bad IP Blocker tool.

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    use a firewall and import ips

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    Originally posted by abu_has_the_power@13 February 2004 - 14:00
    use a firewall and import ips
    Import ips?
    Should I use a soft and hardware firewall, will router suffice for the latter?
    Can I somehow keep my firewall synchronized with the port and IP of my supernode?

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    Should I use a soft and hardware firewall

    most router's won't let block alot of different ip's
    zone alarm will let you add lot's of ip's

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    It only blocks known RIAA IP's, and the RIAA isn't that stupid. Its not hard to obtain new IP's.

    Click Here for a list of proxies to hide your own IP.

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    Originally posted by MOTOMATT@14 February 2004 - 04:38
    zone alarm will let you add lot's of ip's
    Do I need Z.A. pro or will the freeware suffice?

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    Do I need Z.A. pro or will the freeware suffice?
    i think so. i've only messed with pro


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