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Thread: Saving Pics

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    on this web site there are pics of pictures but to save the picture as its fully size you have to click the thumbnails, is there a program that will save all the full size images on the site, the full big picture. thanks alot i need the fulll size picture not the thumbnail cuz the thumnails are smalll.. Here is the link to check it out.. you have to click the thumbnails to get the full size resalution of the pic... thats what i want to saved ... ") It would take to long to save 10,000 pics so i neeed help... thankz

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    I recommend you get permission from the owner of the site before using this app.

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    This is like the 10th thread in the past week asking this... can't you use the goddamn search function?

    BTW, use SpiderZilla, WinHTTrack, or SpiderZilla.


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