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Thread: Cd-r's Burning At 52x

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    Oct 2003
    I buy Memorex 48X but I never burn at top speed.

    I burn between 12X and 24X depending on how important the data is (slower for more important data).

    I know I could burn faster but I really like reliability. There's not much difference in time anyway.

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    I have never had any trouble with TDK CD-Rs. When they say the disk will write at 48X, it does.

    And in regards to burning data at slower speeds that drives are capable; personally I always burn CDs at the maximium my CD writer is capable. If it is an excellent piece of hardware, as is my NEC NR-9300A, it will rarely (<1/100 burns) make a mistake at its maximum rated speeds.

    In fact, if you use Nero Burning ROM, the software will inform you if it could not write effectively at whatever speed. Be it that I have burned over 200+ disks at 48X without a single error, I am not going to stop now.

    Time is money.

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    HeavyMetalParkingLot's Avatar Poster
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    The problem with burning at top speed is that with the disc spinning that fast, you run the risk of sections of the disc not "imprinting deep enough into the disc" thereby making it unreadable. Recording at half top speed, you will get a good recording everytime. I myself always burn at 12x, this is because i have noticed some discs will not play in my cd player/walkman/car when burn at higher speeds, but will play on anything when burned at 12x

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    Your question was already answered.

    Find TDK or Memorex:

    Memorex 80 Minute/700 MB 52X CD-R Discs (100-Pack Spindle)

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    I don&#39;t see why anyone would really need to burn at 52x anyway&#33; 12 works fine, and you get ebtter quality, even 8&#33; you can&#39;t be in THAT much of a hurry
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    Wow you burn at 48-52X?

    I have a 32X burner, I burn music at 4X, and data at 16-24X.

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    Jan 2004
    i always burn at 52x with no mistkes.

    time is money

    If you have a fast connection and a fast cd burner. you cant loose time or loose money

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    FuNkY CaPrIcOrN's Avatar Poster
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    52x TDK Burner putting MP3 Data on 48x TDK CDRs.Always Burn at 52x and have had no Problems.

    I am talking Data.Audio is another Story.I do slow it down for that.But I hardly ever do Audio.I only do MP3 Data.

    TDK is the best&#33;


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