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Thread: You Never Can Stop!

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    First of all I have to say sorry, my Screensaver started and that was
    why the computer sucked down. It is not because of the hackers, I finally
    kicked this gays temporarily out, but I left them moderators as I am opened
    and I will remain opened, anyone can be admin on my forum

    And don't think you can cheat me out, I have my SQL database and can
    use the backdoor , eash that is cool

    No, just my feelings Every thought counts, and these gays are just humans.

    And personally I think these gays are not gays, they are members here and
    they are coward not too register on my forum with their real name I don't
    judge about them, but I am tired and these are just my feelings

    You can delete this account as well Thanks

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    were you banned
    why do you keep making accounts

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    Glad you still got your forum Netty

    but are the Y, G, and A, keys sticking on your keyboard a bit?

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    Rip The Jacker's Avatar Retired
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    Nov 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    6,435 please stop advertising your forum. And stop making accounts to avoid moderation, just post, and wait for a moderator to review your post. I am removing "gayscene" just as you have asked.

    He is not banned, he is on moderation.


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