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Thread: Do I Need The .cue

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    i got the .bin but i can never d/l the .cue files do i need them?

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    Not really, there are other options.

    1. Use something to extract the contents of the .bin. Ex: WinISO
    2. Convert to ISO or other image format. Ex. WinISO
    3. Use Vritual Drives. Ex. Clone CD.

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    Yes, you can burn them without the .cue files.
    In Nero go to 'File' > 'Burn Image...'
    Then choose the .bin file (not the .cue) you want to burn and click 'Open'.
    A window will pop up with the title 'Foreign image settings'
    Make sure the 'Type of image' is 'Data Mode 1' and the 'Raw data' box is checked.
    Click 'OK' and the burning dialog should pop up.
    Choose the burning options and burn away.

    You can also make your own .cue files but that's a different story.

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    I like to hear that story DataMore. :-"


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