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Thread: Warning!anime Fansub May Be Dying

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    Read this:

    The original article comes from:

    Starting april 2004, all broadcasts from japanese digital tv in High Definition (HDTV) will be encrypted to void the copying of their programs. Up until now most of the new anime series
    that are subtitled are captured by Japanese people from HDTV and then they are shared via internet. To do so , they use electronic devices similar in appearance to a vcr or a small DVD ,
    which contain a Hard Drive and the necessary electronic equipment to plug it to a TV Here is an opened one.

    The problem resides in the big chip that says AVHDD, up until now all television stations broadcasted without activating the antycopy system
    but come april this year all channels are gonna turn it on. What this protection does is activate encrypting in the video streamin a way which only players with this chip can decrypt it, and so
    it won't allow copy of the video to oher equipment without the chip. This represents an enormous problem to the anime scene, because the flow of Raws will become much more complicated (RAWS= unaltered video without subtitles)at the same rate and at the same quality which is done at the moment.

    To avoid this, a distributed computing project has been created in Japan, which in principle , is very similar to SETI@home, or to all the distributed computing projects to research a cure for cancer, etc. etc.
    The project's home page can be found at: (it's in japanese)

    The project is a brute force attack against the encrypting key, a little app connects to the project's homepage, downloads a small file(block),processes it, and sends it back to the server.
    To date more than 2 milion blocks have been processed (11% total)as you can see in this image that updates in real time:

    To process these blocks you need to download a little app; which uses your PC idle time, when you run this app you'll notice that your cpu time goes to 100%, but it only uses free cpu resources , so you won't notice a hit in performance.
    A Team has been created, called Frozen-Layer to join the processed blocks and look at joined statistics. here you can see the team's rank
    in the list of all the teams trying to crack it. If you want to , you can join the team or do it on your own following the instructions provided below, but the important thing is that you contribute with your CPU Idle time, be it this team or other
    what matters is to ckack the code.
    ---To be continued..---

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    Meh people will get around it
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    If it all checks out, then i think my cpu is gonna have to take a break from curing cancer. Its all about priorities

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    yeah i heard that , but i really dont think anything is going to change , the sites always get around things like this.

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    considering a lot of companies give out scripts so they can be fansubbed..........


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