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Thread: Bloody Fudging Me!

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    I just downloaded "clean kmd 2.4.4", whatever the clean means, but it says i need to run it in win32 or summat. What does it MEAN???? Ruddy ME cant do anything, im gonna get xp soon, but im not sure if my 60 something ram pc can hadle it. So can i fool ME into running KMD 2.4.4, or is win32 something that i dont understand, and i just need to change some simple setting? Please help, im soooo stupid at all this!!!! :helpsmile:

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    try an earlier version boss like 2.1.0

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    Im just gonna use 2.0.2, or is that bad? I duno how all this works, I liked grockster better, but grockster is kazaa, right?


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