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Thread: What Is ".tar"?

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    Cacn some 1 please please give me )and im sure many others would like to know) how to veiw .tar foramts. Could u please give me DETALED instructions on how to view it form the time the bot gives you the folder and it says open. You open the file then wat...... i have winrar and then wat do i do (detailed please, a noob is in need of help&#33

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    You open it in exactly the same way you would with a zip or rar file.

    Doubleclick on it, then select "wizard" from winrars menu. It'll extract the files to your desktop.

    Instead of selecting "wizard" you could click "extract to" and tell it where to extract the files.

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    where did u find .tar files? they're less usual than .zip files or ..rar files

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    .tar compression is usual on mIRC for movie downloads etc....

    Its usual for lots of parts of the download to be in multiple compressions...making it daunting to look at if your unsure what your doing.

    If you extract the 1st part with winrar, it will automatically extract the whole file and put it together for you....its not as hard or complex as it looks

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    The last I checked tar files were not compressed. Just a group of files placed into a single file which is the tar file itself. And thoose "parts" are actually the files that are in the tar. If you open up tar even with winrar you will see the actual files with their actual extentions

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    Tar = tape archive. Basically just all the files thrown together into one file without compression. Basically what Barbie said. If you&#39;re in linux it&#39;s &#39;tar xvf <filename>&#39; in the folder tha tthe tar is in. I&#39;m assuming it&#39;s a windows box so winrar will do the job for you. Do as the other people said


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