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Thread: La Finanaza FarÓ Dei Controlli (?)

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    Mio fratello mi ha detto che ha saputo da fonte attendibile (..?) che nei prossimi 3 mesi la Finanza farÓ dei controlli a campione su certi pacchetti di dati inviati via P2P (non so se lo fanno a tappeto o magari cercano solo certi tipi di files come programmi e MP3) perci˛ sarebbe stato meglio in questo periodo smettere di scaricare.
    Volevo sapere se qualcuno Ŕ in grado di confermare/smentire questa notizia, non voglio creare inutili allarmismi.
    Qualcuno sa in caso cosa si deve fare per potersi ritenere sicuri da eventuali intercettazioni?

    My brother told me an affordable person advised him about controls in the next 3 months by Financial Police over P2P shared files (don' t know which kind of files, if each or maybe only softwares and MP3), so it should be better stop downloading in this period (this should be valid in Italy ONLY).
    Does anybody know if there' s something true or false about these news? I don' t want to create unuseful alarms.
    Does anybody know what is necessary to do to be safe from tracking?

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    hmm..never heard of something like this. I just returned from Germany after 2 Month...may be something of this is true..

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    THEY have been monitoring the NETWORK probably for some time now, but now they'll start identifying who is on what ips and suing them.

    RIAA/MPAA/BSA has been doing it for years.

    There is NOT controls in the programs themselves (such as in KL++) to do so, they're having to make their own programs and use existing hacking tools to monitor the network. Potentially, it is a privacy violation due to their methods -- but big corporations never let ethics get in the way of profits.


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