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Thread: I Need Help! Several Probs!

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    Ok...when I opened Kazaa today, the first problem I encountered was a little Error Box popping up saying "File Read Error." It's annoying, how do I make it stop? I then went into My Shared Folder, and instead of actually opening to the shared folder, it opened to my Kazaa Lite program file. After looking for a sec, I realized that my Kazza Lite program file doesn't have My Shared Folder in it anymore. Maybe this is why it's opening to the KL program file? I went to Start and looked under KL, My Shared Folder isn't there either!! Can I create a new Shared Folder so that when I click on my Shared Folder when Kazza is running, it will go right to it? How would I do that?? appears that all of my music files are gone. On the bottom right hand side of the KL window, it says 'Not Sharing any files.' But when I click into My Kazaa Lite++ it will say that I have 1 music file, (I had more than that&#33, But I don't know where its at!! I've even searched for it, but I can't find it! I've went through the computer like I was seaching for things to share on Kazaa, I just don't have any music files to share, is that why its saying I'm not sharing?? When I try to d/l, everyone cuts me off, lol...SOMEONE HELP ME!!! :helpsmile:


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    run and upto date anti virus and check out the faq please


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