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Thread: Vid Card Oc'in

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    if i OC am i going to see much game play improment? im going to be adding case fans tomoror so if i stick a fan next to the gfx card is it going to help or should i stick a cpu cooler on the card itself?
    if so what cpu cooler wod i need? or doesnt it matter as long as its above the sped of ________________ (please fill in)

    someone sed recently that older cards will see a better improvment thru OC'in then a newer card and i wouldnt say this card is top gun. plus im getting a new one soon so i wanna get to grips with OC'in cards before i get a nice new shiny ATI card.

    however i dont want to break this card cause i'll prob sell it yeah im a cheap bastard


    and my specs are:

    amd duron XP 1.66GHz (thnxs Virtual )
    512mb's ram (soon to be 256 of PC2700)
    20GB+15GB hard drive.

    and just incase ur as thick as pig sh!t or stumbled accross this thread hoping for pr0n my card is:

    GF4 'Sparkle' MMX440 128mb AGPX8

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    I have the 64Mb version, I user Rivatuner and the core is pushing 310, memory 371......thats on stock cooling, but I keep a good eye on the terms of performance gains, ive noticed it handles itself well in some of the more recent titles.....Ive got it tweaked and honed, and fiddled with all the settings, so have a play around, I wouldnt advise pushing the core past 315 otherwise itll start to break up.

    The mem could prob take a bit more....I might try to push it to 390 - 400, but only mess around if you know what your doing (contradiction in terms i know but still )

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    Originally posted by RGX@21 February 2004 - 01:06
    but only mess around if you know what your doing
    i don't


    so using Rivatuner i know that ur card is running fine at those so if i went to those then tried to push the mem a bit more i wod b fine?

    ....And i just figured out what stock means

    ignore that shit above...infact im gonna deleat so no one thinks im stupid ha ha im not stupid no more! there no more stupid me!

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    Whats the cooling like? You may have different cooling or memory to me.....any pics?

    All cards are different, running on different machines, so I cant guarantee what works for me works for you.

    Google for "Nvidia Mx440 overclocking" and read up on some sites...or just "Video card overclocking", and do it in stages, dont jump your card up to huge levels unless you know it can take it....I tend to push it up in 10's, leave it for a while, check the temps, then push it up another ten.....then every 30 or so I play a graphic heavy game for about an hour to see if any errors occur, corrupted textures, artifacting etc.....if theres no errors or huge temp jumps, I consider the 30Mhz jump successful.

    Slow and steady wins the race, quick and eager overheats cards


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