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Thread: Colour Chart With Hex Codes ...

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    Most I find show only a limited amount .. so anyone able to point out a site which shows hundreds of colours and there hex code? or maybe a site pallete picker ...


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    Thanks for the reply .. though I knew of that site and was hoping for a larger chart, as theres not much selection in there and I would like to know colour codes for a lot more.

    Also ... I would greatly appreciate something similar to this:, but with more features, like entering a colour to work from and displaying more choice and not just websafe colours.

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    If you have Photoshop you cn pick any colour and it gives you the hex code. I don't know any sites though.

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    Dont know much about a chart with many variations.
    But you might like to have this if you dont have it already.
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    Wow .. thanks for pointing that out, I&#39;ll definetly be using it.
    As for your suggestion stupidguy, Im asking for a colour chart, not to simply find out the code of a certain colour I like. Similar to the webmonkey chart .. just more colours.


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    Muhaha Here we go &#33;

    Hypnotic link , isn&#39;t it ?

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    Great link shared and thanks
    I wonder if that page really has more then web monkey, lol .. maybe its an illusion due to the bars size? ... oh, I dont know ....

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    Damn, LinkHolder.

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