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Thread: Mirc !?

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    constantly my mirc crashes if a download is finished or failed and also my explorer
    hangs. ..cant do shit 4 bout 30mins. cant close mirc and cant kill the task- - just wait that the baby comes back if so all networks are disconnected sofware caused connection error

    whats wrong does someone know this problem??

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    you probably have an antivirus, and its resident shield is protecting you by scanning the file, and since its sooo huge it takes 5-10 mins to scan it all, in which time mIRC will freeze up, but you should be free to do other things, assuming that your system can handle it.... i usually go get a drink when an xdcc finishes, or else if you trust the file somewhat, then disable the resident shield before the download is finished, and then re-enable later...

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    this damn a/v

    thx man i turn that off and try again


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    what av could take that long, I use avg and never had any thing like that ever happen


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