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Thread: Arghhh!

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    Okay, I searched my desktop for media to share ...forgetting that I would be populating kazaalite with ALL the desktop items. Then....seeing all the stuff available on my kazaa library I reacted quickly by hilighting everything and deleting it. Now my desktop is empty. what the fuck do i do? I feel like a complete fucktard for letting this happen. Does this mean that kazaalite deleted everything including outlook express? Help please...or point me to an area that covers this topic. Thanks.
    ~ethan (dumbass).

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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    no , its just deleted the short cuts, you can just make new shotcuts, by right clicking on the desktop and choose new / shortcut and find the files and there you go

  4. File Sharing   -   #3
    ahh. gotcha. I'll do that now.
    Whew, that was an unpleasant jolt. lol.
    Thanks for the information.

  5. File Sharing   -   #4
    how do i stop kazaalite from listing different items on my desktop? I could stop "sharing" them however I just want them off of kazzalite altogether.

  6. File Sharing   -   #5
    nevermind...I deselected all. that took care of it. Sheesh, I need to use kazaalite more often.


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