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Thread: Just Plain Old Help!

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    Hello, this is haf software half hardware, i had no help in the hardware part (well i did but it didnt work) so now i ask, is there a software (and if there is can u post a link, or name) that can open ports, u see a have a wireless network now (DSL) and after i installed it my microphone doesnt work in MSN messenger, so is there a software that can open my mic port, thank u (o u can just give me the port numbers or how to get them)

    PLZ people help me or atleast if some one nows how to get port numbers, that would do 2

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    ok after searching on google for yah (arent i nice ) i found that for msn messenegr you have to open port 6901 as weel as all ports from 6891 to 6900 (6891, 6892, 6893, etc...)

    if you still have not figured out how to open ports on your router i think you should either call tech. support, email them, or go to the manufacturer website and download the manual in pdf format if it is available.

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