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Thread: Pump Up The Bandwith!

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    Got this tip from a friend of mine and he claims his speeds were 20% faster after he did this little trick.I had a go at it myself but didn't notice any difference after doing a before and after speedtest.But still worth mentioning,right?

    Here you go:
    Windows XP Professional has a feature built into it called QoS
    (Quality of Service). This feature allows the operating system
    to optimize bandwidth allocation for different services.
    While books are filled with incomprehensible information on this subject,
    what you need to know is that this feature actually throttles back your
    available bandwidth. QoS reserves 20% of the available bandwidth on any
    connection for itself. This means you can't use it for downloads
    and LAN connections! You can cut the QoS brick tied to the back of your
    network connection by performing the following steps:

    Click Start and then click the Run command.
    In the Run dialog box, type gpedit.msc in the Open text box.
    Click OK.
    In the Group Policy window,
    expand Computer Configuration,
    and then expand Administrative Templates.
    Expand Network and click on QoS Packet Scheduler.
    Double click on the Limit reservable bandwidth entry in the right pane.
    Select the Enabled option and then type 0 in the Bandwidth limit (%) text box.
    Click Apply and then click OK.
    Close the Group Policy window and restart the computer
    (not sure if you need to restart the computer, but do it anyhow).
    QoS is enabled by default on all adapters. If you disabled it for some reason,
    make sure it is enabled, or else it's possible that the 20% limitation
    will be enforced anyhow. There's not too much documentation of this feature,
    so if you find it improves your bandwidth, let us know!
    Let me know if this trick makes any difference for your speeds

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    i have seen this post b4, but here is something you might not know

    by nullifying qos, you will end up getting more currupt info. The reason for this is that qos, as it says handles quality of packets sent to your computer, and if it see's a bad or currupt packet, it reasks for the packet again

    thus if qos is set to zero, then it will not perform this action, and you might find that some of the files you download are buggy

    the so called 20% is not actualy part of you bandwidth, its overhead which you cant use anyway, and so i dont suppose you will see any difference in your speed

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    So it would be better if I change the settings back to what it was?
    I didn't really see any speeddifference after doing this but he claimed his speeds where up to 200kb/s faster

    I don't want to be downloading corrupt packages because of this,so maybe better if I change it back to what it was?

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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    The 20% figure is bullshit.
    If I was really losing 20% of my bandwidth by not disabling QoS, I'd not see a constant >500Kb/s stream pulled by NBP over my 512K cable service.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?

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    Basically you're harnessing your overhead, which as mentioned earlier can be not so aiding. The overhead of a connection varies but can be quite high (my ADSL connection's is ~30Kbps.

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    I used to turn it off on my computers until the last time i reformatted i forgot to disable it and whe i was browsing my network it was going real fast, i assmued it was because it was a fresh install or something. after i disabled qos i noticed it was slow again so i turned itt back on and have had it on ever since.

    in my experiences it has made browsing my network faster and doesnt affect any speeds in anyway so id recomend leaving it enabled.


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