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Thread: Don't Want To Pay For K-lite!

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    I'm new to this site and tried to find a post that would answer my question but couldn't seem to find one.

    I want to download Kazaa lite, so I won't get spyware and popups (I currently have regular Kazaa). Everytime I do a search on google, all of the sites that have k-lite say you have to pay in order to download, or a one time subscription fee....
    I think my friend has kazaa lite and she said she never had to pay!

    Can someone tell me what site I should go to to download kazaa lite?


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    You have to remove the full Kazaa First. Then run Adaware to get rid of all the stuff it leaves behind. Once you do this restart your computer and Install Kazaa Lite Ressurection. That is free, and you are right, you should not have to pay for free stuff. So click on the link below and download the free one.


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    Any advice on where the best place to go to download Adaware?

    I tried going to, and for some reason, my computer wouldn't download it. The screen refused to pop up that offers the choice of "Save or Open" right when you click on download.
    Is this maybe something wrong with my computer???

    Any advice?

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    Originally posted by mary213@9 March 2004 - 18:02
    Any advice on where the best place to go to download Adaware?

    You can download adaware here.
    It's free

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    Click on the word "P2P" in my sig, also there is a pinned topic about this...

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    you mean we dont have to pay for kazaa lite??? :

    yes, thats a joke, hehe.
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