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Thread: Subtitles

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    l don't suppose l'll get any replies to this but does anyone know of a way of putting subtitles on movies l am deaf so l'd be m :helpsmile: ost grateful if anyone can help. :helpsmile:

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    do you have the subtitle files for the movie or are you asking to add subtitles to a movie that has none and you don't have the files for??

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    You would need the subtitle files, unless you have a very patient friend who has some knowledge of video editing type them for you.

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    thank you for replying to my post,l haven't got any files for the movies l'd like to subtitle l just thought they were in the movie l d/loaded and you needed a certain tool to accsess them, thanks anyway

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    Jessica, I think this could be a helpful site for you.

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    And this could be an even more helpful program.

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    thank you haxor l've found a subtitle grabber which l will try.

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    haxor the subtitle grabber doesn't seem to be working l opened it and read the help file but l can't get anything else out of it, any idea what's wrong?

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    Define "not working."

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