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Thread: How Do I Share Something ?

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    Hey guys, how do i share something for Bittorrent ??

    Since i get shit download speeds but i get nice upload speed i was thinking i would share something and see how much it spreads.

    I want to share one of my psx games

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    I haven't tried this yet but should be able to go on to your favourite site and follow links, eg. suprnova has link for upload a torrent

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    For azureus mate


    File ,create torrent

    Under announce url fill with the trackers announce url.You cant leech them from the clients no more due to mostly being password protected,so the easest way is to make your own or use somebody elses,

    Choose file ,for like rars,zip avi,

    directories...,for folders full of files like an album with mp3s,folder with multiple tv-eps etc..


    Press browse ,choose your file you want to share.



    Upload to nova or pass the torrent to your friends.

    Or use something torrentspy

    make torrent

    Basically the same process as azurues.


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