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Thread: Diet Kaza 2.62

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    Changes in Current Version:

    Added full support for Win98 and WinME
    Added full support for Windows 2003 Server
    Updated adware removeal for Kazaa 2.62 and fixed old uninstallers
    Enhanced Auto Search More features and fixed the message box bug
    Better handling of Altnet P2P Networking removal process
    Kazaa date related adware removal check/error message defeated
    Configuring HOSTS file works with commented lines (fixes white box bugs)
    Upgraded internal winsock server, can now handle multiple connections at once
    Jumping supernode command now works again & introduced 'Quick' jump method
    Improved support for the KLR project
    Fixed the detect button for supernode controls
    Streamlined the start page redirection
    Fixed the DKnob from disappearing after restarting Kazaa
    Random minor improvements overall in code

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