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Thread: Wanted- Top Gun & Starsky & Hutch

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    anyone got any links or hashes for either of these films please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :guinesssmile:
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    Have you even bothered to search??

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    course i f*&king have how lazy do you think i am
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    Filename: Top Gun [DivX].avi
    Size: 679 Mb
    Mime-type: video/x-msvideo
    Bitrate: 847000
    Duration: 1:49:30
    Resolution: 480x720
    Codec: div4

    Filename: Starsky.And.Hutch.TS-FTF.Kvcd-Yeff.mpg
    Size: 796 Mb

    Both from

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    Thanks tothbenedek,
    good to see there ARE helpful people out there!!!!
    cheers :guinesssmile:
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    In case you havent downloaded Starsky and Hutch yet, the TS-PROPER.avi file is sooooooooooo much better than the straight Starskyand Hutch-TS.avi one. The quality is a lot better in general, but the sharpness of the picture is very good, and the audio is somewhat improved (at last on my copies anyway)

    just thought that mite be helpful

    check out if you want to compare the difference, and the jpeg's dont do the improvements enough credit!
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    do U have a torrent link for that particular rip of Starsky.and.Hutch?
    im talking about the TS-PROPER.avi rip.
    the details can be found at but there are no links to tell me how to get it..does any one have the link. thankyou in advance.


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