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Thread: Finding More Resources....

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    ok, i'm sure someone probably posted this before, if so, hopefully i can just delete this topic

    but, i noticed that most of you use right click>find more resources. rather than that just rapidly click F11 on your sources. that's the shortcut.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    Thanks I didn't know this.
    do you have to have the file highlighted when you do this?

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    Looks like some people don't read the manual enough (Master YodaX) I already knew, that's why I use :rtfm:

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    my f buttons dont work its a new keyboard as well

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    Then you have to right-click
    Well, if you don't feel like manually doing it, then use Speed-up or KaZap!

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    Good post, to those that dont read the FAQ or did'nt no.

    Helpfull Hint


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