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Thread: Help Me Find That Version

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    A few days ago, I downloaded K-lite 2.60 build RC18, which contains 3 files. It has the advanced search option. This morning, my little brother decided to uninstall kazaa from my computer. So I searched for the same version I dled a few days ago, but I had no luck. I did downloaded several versions and after installing them, I found that they didnt have the advanced search options and when I click on help > about, it shows that they are actually RC17. Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!!!


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    After playing around for a little while, I have found the RC18 to be buggy. It messes up my Internet Explorer and I have uninstalled it. I'm now using 2.4.3.


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    2.4.3 is the best!!!
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    klr 2.5 is the best

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    go here to download klite and ignore the about box that will be fixed in the next version (rc19)

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@16 March 2004 - 17:45
    KLR, K-Lite, K++, KL++, KMD, etc.
    here you can find any version of klite

    try klr 2.5.0 and k-lite2.6 rc 18 and see which one you like


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