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Thread: Cookies?

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    Expire's Avatar Problem solved...
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    Feb 2004
    should i block these or let em through, coz i know that they dont really dp owt bad but is it giving access to other shit?

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    Depends on the site .. on one which you trust .. allow cookies.
    On suspicious and 'dangerous' sits, those with porn, warez and serials for example.... dont.

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    Allow them selectively, like TRshady said.

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    Oct 2003
    use a firewall to block bad cookies

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    May 2003
    I did not think you needed an entire firewall to block bad cookies, but if you say so.

    A browser should be sufficent. Some sites, if you block cookies it can be an inconvenience. Setting your settings for high on every site is a not a good idea.

    But whenever you can, block cookies or have your browser automatically delete cookies once your browser is closed..

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    harrycary's Avatar Poster
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    3rd party cookies are usually bad. I would recommend blocking all of them.

    If you're using Internet Explorer you can set it to allow whatever sites' cookies you want. (tools>internet options>privacy>websites>edit)

    IMO. While there is sofware available to control cookies, I believe utilizing your browsers' tools to their fullest will work just fine for most users.

    Hope that helps a bit...


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    drjogalog's Avatar Been here before?
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    Well... it depends if your on a diet or not. I mean if your a bit fat, then you want to be blocking all cookies from gaining access to you belly cos then it just makes the situation worse and you might need to use drastic measures like the Atkins virus book. Then again if they are low calorie cookies then you could get away with a few.
    But all in all "Say no"

    I hope that clears things up.
    It takes something bad to realize something good.


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