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Thread: Argh! I'm Totally Lost!

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    Okay, I am gonna need some help for you guys, as your music lovers, as am I, but I have no idea what to do.

    I have a 20 minute video presentation I have to finish in one week, and I wanted some wordless music to put in the backround, while I am talking...

    Any ideas.

    The video/presentation will be on integrity.

    I seriously need some help picking some music. If you have a song file, and if you could send it to me, if you PM me i will provide you with my music address.

    Thanks guys for all your help!

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    Anyone? I'm so desperate.

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    bujub22's Avatar THE GREAT
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    what the project on?? to get a feel for what song wid go with it!

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    this sounds very familiar

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    integrity is what it is on.

    And i'm sorry, i do not believe I have posted anything like this before..

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    Dream Theater - ToT - Stream of Consiousness might work... although its only 11 minutes and its ermmm... yea maybe a little akward to talk over the top of. For a presentation you might overlap a midi file or something. You are looking for instrumental only right? < ok i just reread over what you posted. I used to have some transatlantica stuff i got off of soulseek, it was pretty long and mostly instrumental. Look into some Liquid Tension Expiriment stuff maybe, all is &#39;wordless&#39; and it has some songs that are pretty good for background music.

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    I&#39;m not finding much on any of those

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    Kansas - No One Together is a good intrumental

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    summerlinda's Avatar Pyretta¤Blaze
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    Not really wordless, but anything by The Masters Of Chant [Gregorian pop/rock]


    Apocalyptica plays Metallica By Four Cellos


    Anything by The String Quartet [e.g Tribute to Iron Maiden ]

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    Originally posted by seiya_33@16 March 2004 - 20:26
    this sounds very familiar
    Yes it should&#33;

    mikelc2: look here

    That should be your last stop&#33; Great entries theree&#33;
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