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Thread: Ive Had A Mid-download Crisis!

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    Really annoyed at myself for doin this but i had 2 reinstall kazaa after i annoyingly changed part of the registry. So basically now ive got a bunch of half downloaded files (and theyre big! (no insinuation RIAA)) and my traffic window is obviously empty now because of the reinstallment. Does anyone know if it's possible to continue downloading these files once they have left your traffic list? I would be so grateful if someone could help me out with this. Like a months downloading down the drain if not. arghh! lol! T

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    what version did you install, also go into options and make sure that your download folder points to where the partial downloads are located. Your shared folder that is. Then restart kazaa and they should come up

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    Did what u sed, checked the destinatino folder etc. all correct but stil no traffic. its the same version, 2.4.3. Im totally confused.

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    SORTED! at last. i was just being really thick. Thanks again, ill read wot u say properly next time lol. (very grateful lol)

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