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Thread: This Guy Is Full Of Bullshit!

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    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    i managed
    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    to oc
    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    my amd duron
    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    to 2.6 ghz
    James says:
    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    James says:
    not stick cooling i guess
    $Gangsta_4_u_4_life$ says:
    and cooled it with my aero 7
    that was an MSN convo about OC'in to some dude i know.

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    you r the one full of it....

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    |So your saying he cpuld get a AMD 900Mhz up to a 2.6GHz not a 2600XP he was talking about 2.6Ghz!

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    Originally posted by peerzyboy@17 March 2004 - 18:22
    |So your saying he cpuld get a AMD 900Mhz up to a 2.6GHz not a 2600XP he was talking about 2.6Ghz!
    no he was saying that YOU are full of bullshit, as in your lying and nobody ever said that...

    I dont know who to beleive! but why would peerzy boy lie, this probably did happen.

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    why would peerzyboy make it up?
    A good game is still good if its late, a bad game is bad forever, Shigeru Miyamoto

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    No this guy said it, i know his from about a year ago before i was on this board i went to a MSN chatroom for PC help and he was there and he said add him so he could help me configue my router. I neva speak to him apart from 2day we started talking for some reason. i can copy the whole convo if you want?

    I have nothing to hide but he obviously does.

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    | Session Start: 17 March 2004                                      |
    | Participants:                                                      |
    |    James (peerzyb*                                  |
    |    **********          |
    [21:48:31] scammell_jam: hi
    [21:48:43] James: hi
    [21:48:50] $Gangsta_4_u: who r ya
    [21:49:04] $Gangsta_4_u: just wondering y we have each others addies
    [21:49:27] James: i got urs ages ago off a computer help thing chat
    [21:49:37] $Gangsta_4_u: i rite
    [21:49:51] $Gangsta_4_u: r u into computing
    [21:49:55] $Gangsta_4_u: ?
    [21:49:58] James: yeah
    [21:49:59] James: you?
    [21:50:04] $Gangsta_4_u: hell
    [21:50:05] $Gangsta_4_u: ye
    [21:50:09] $Gangsta_4_u: love the things
    [21:50:11] James: hardware or software?
    [21:50:21] $Gangsta_4_u: mainly hardware
    [21:50:24] $Gangsta_4_u: i know about
    [21:50:38] $Gangsta_4_u: but more software i am dealing with these
              days u?
    [21:50:56] James: hardware all the way
    [21:51:16] James: overclocking, upgrading etc etc
    [21:51:35] $Gangsta_4_u: ye nice
    [21:51:40] $Gangsta_4_u: i fucked me pc
    [21:51:47] $Gangsta_4_u: up doing overclocking
    [21:51:49] $Gangsta_4_u: last week
    [21:52:09] $Gangsta_4_u: u know alot bout overclocking?
    [21:52:30] James: quite aslot yeah
    [21:52:34] James: whats ya sped?
    [21:52:35] James: *spec
    [21:52:46] $Gangsta_4_u: its very poor at the moment
    [21:52:52] $Gangsta_4_u: gonna build new 1 soon
    [21:52:54] $Gangsta_4_u: its
    [21:53:43] $Gangsta_4_u: amd athlon 2500 (1.8ghz) 512mb ddr pc3200
    [21:53:59] $Gangsta_4_u: 3x 120mb 7200 rpm
    [21:54:04] $Gangsta_4_u: wd
    [21:54:05] $Gangsta_4_u: hdds
    [21:54:16] $Gangsta_4_u: gpu
    [21:54:24] James: lol thats poor? well i have no money so mines 1.6
              duron xp, 512mb ddfr pc2100 ram, 129mb geforce 4 mmx 440
              grafics card
    [21:54:24] $Gangsta_4_u: is ati radeon 9500 pro
    [21:54:34] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [21:54:43] $Gangsta_4_u: mine isnt 2 bad i guess
    [21:54:52] James: i was thinking of buying a amd atlon xp 2500 barton,
              are the bartons good, because i could egt a 2600 t'bred
    [21:55:04] $Gangsta_4_u: no
    [21:55:10] James: its my idea machine. i could push that 2500 up to
              about 3000Xp easy;y
    [21:55:18] $Gangsta_4_u: should i let ya into a wee secret i
    [21:55:23] James: okay
    [21:55:27] $Gangsta_4_u: rite
    [21:55:32] $Gangsta_4_u: the barton chips
    [21:55:35] $Gangsta_4_u: r all the same
    [21:55:38] James: are locked?
    [21:55:39] $Gangsta_4_u: the 2500
    [21:55:42] $Gangsta_4_u: rite up to the
    [21:55:44] $Gangsta_4_u: 3200
    [21:55:50] $Gangsta_4_u: just multiplyers
    [21:55:54] James: yeah but 2600Xp isnt a barton chip
    [21:55:59] $Gangsta_4_u: locked at differant settings
    [21:56:04] James: yeah i know they alter the FSB and multiplyers
    [21:56:11] James: you can unlock them though
    [21:56:13] $Gangsta_4_u: if u get the 2500
    [21:56:22] James: i wrote an overclocking guide so im not stupid about
              that stuff
    [21:56:24] $Gangsta_4_u: and a mobo with 400fsb
    [21:56:31] James: iv got a 400FSB mobo
    [21:56:31] $Gangsta_4_u: then set the fsb
    [21:56:34] $Gangsta_4_u: 2 400
    [21:56:37] $Gangsta_4_u: ye
    [21:56:39] $Gangsta_4_u: then
    [21:56:44] $Gangsta_4_u: u get a 2.2ghz
    [21:56:46] $Gangsta_4_u: overclock
    [21:56:50] $Gangsta_4_u: outter the 2500
    [21:57:00] $Gangsta_4_u: just setting the fsb 2 400mhz
    [21:57:14] James: yeah thats like 3000XP - 3200XP
    [21:57:22] $Gangsta_4_u: 3200
    [21:57:24] $Gangsta_4_u: ye
    [21:57:38] $Gangsta_4_u: and if u unlock the multiplyer\ buy unlocked
    [21:57:51] $Gangsta_4_u: u can get upto like 3.2ghz
    [21:58:03] $Gangsta_4_u: providing u could actually cool
    [21:58:04] $Gangsta_4_u: it
    [21:58:05] James: not with stock cooling thougyh
    [21:58:10] James: yeah i was gonna say
    [21:58:15] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [21:58:19] $Gangsta_4_u: na thats needing
    [21:58:25] $Gangsta_4_u: sum supa quality cooling
    [21:58:29] $Gangsta_4_u: like
    [21:58:32] $Gangsta_4_u: water cooling
    [21:58:37] James: yeah or water vapour
    [21:58:49] $Gangsta_4_u: or extremely good cpu combo
    [21:58:52] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [21:58:58] $Gangsta_4_u: what gpu do u have?
    [21:59:07] James: gfx?
    [21:59:10] $Gangsta_4_u: ye
    [21:59:27] James: i havent bother to oc it yet because its to shit
              rally . Geforce 4 MMX 440 128mb
    [21:59:40] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [21:59:48] James: it doesnt have pixal shading 2.0 so it cant do many
              new game even though being 128mb
    [21:59:59] $Gangsta_4_u: i just sold my ati radeon 9200se
    [22:00:09] $Gangsta_4_u: which is also 128mb
    [22:00:15] $Gangsta_4_u: and bought the 9500
    [22:00:30] $Gangsta_4_u: which i will clock to 9700
    [22:00:35] $Gangsta_4_u: hehehe
    [22:00:49] James: i want a 9800 XT ;. nbnv but i can;t offord it
    [22:00:56] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [2200] $Gangsta_4_u: i dont like em
    [2204] $Gangsta_4_u: they r shit
    [2227] James: i dont like N vidia, ATI is the way to go. i could
              proberly get 9800 and oc it
    [2245] $Gangsta_4_u: ye
    [2248] $Gangsta_4_u: i managed
    [2251] $Gangsta_4_u: to oc
    [2255] $Gangsta_4_u: my amd duron
    [22:02:00] $Gangsta_4_u: 900mhz
    [22:02:06] $Gangsta_4_u: to 2.6 ghz
    [22:02:12] James: lol
    [22:02:13] $Gangsta_4_u: lmfao
    [22:02:22] James: not stick cooling i guess
    [22:02:25] $Gangsta_4_u: and cooled it with my aero 7
    [22:02:38] $Gangsta_4_u: aero 7s r nice
    [22:02:46] $Gangsta_4_u: but not that brilliant
    [22:02:48] $Gangsta_4_u: really
    [22:02:55] $Gangsta_4_u: just about handle
    [22:03:00] $Gangsta_4_u: a 2.2ghz oc
    [22:03:03] $Gangsta_4_u: on this pc
    [22:03:10] $Gangsta_4_u: with my 9500
    [22:03:12] $Gangsta_4_u: in it
    [22:03:15] $Gangsta_4_u: 2500
    [22:03:35] $Gangsta_4_u: is ur processor oc?
    [22:04:26] James: nah i had it running at 2.0 GHz but i need better
              cooling so iv stocke dit again untill i egt a new chip
    [22:04:52] $Gangsta_4_u: o cool
    [22:04:59] $Gangsta_4_u: do u buy hardware online?
    [22:05:03] James: yeah
    [22:05:05] James: ebuyer
    [22:05:08] James: overclockers
    [22:05:10] $Gangsta_4_u:
    [22:05:13] James: newegg
    [22:05:15] James: yeah ebuyer
    [22:05:25] $Gangsta_4_u: ebuyer is cheapest
    [22:05:28] James: ye
    [22:05:31] $Gangsta_4_u: but delivery is shit
    [22:05:42] $Gangsta_4_u: and so is there after sale service
    [22:05:57] James: do you download?
    [22:06:11] $Gangsta_4_u: ye
    [22:06:18] $Gangsta_4_u: download what tho?
    [22:06:34] James: i download most things, music, games movies etc.
              what do you use?
    [22:06:42] $Gangsta_4_u: limewire
    [22:06:49] James: what about bittorent?
    [22:06:50] $Gangsta_4_u: or imesh
    [22:06:59] $Gangsta_4_u: i use to use bittorent
    [22:07:00] James: imesh is spymesh ya know
    [22:07:18] $Gangsta_4_u: but suprnova has closed
    [22:07:29] $Gangsta_4_u: so its really hard to get torrents now
    [22:07:33] James: wtf are you on about suprnova is my homepage im on
              it right now
    [22:07:34] $Gangsta_4_u: so i dont bother
    [22:07:40] $Gangsta_4_u: is it
    [22:07:47] James: what do you think the URL for it is
    [22:07:55] $Gangsta_4_u: should b
    [22:08:06] $Gangsta_4_u:
    [22:08:09] $Gangsta_4_u: rite?
    [22:08:32] James: i clicked your link and it loaded up fine to the
              suprnova website
    [22:08:36] James: if it doesnt work for you
    [22:08:56] James: try thats there other link although
              that has worse serves so it goes slower
    [22:09:43] James: im getting Unreal Tournament 2004 and Far Cry from
              suprnova now
    [22:09:50] $Gangsta_4_u: cool
    [22:09:57] James: lol you must have been stoned
    [22:09:59] $Gangsta_4_u: what connection speed u got?
    [22:10:07] James: NTL 600K
    [22:10:13] James: broadband
    [22:10:13] James: u?
    [22:10:27] $Gangsta_4_u: broadband
    [22:10:30] $Gangsta_4_u: 1.1mb
    [22:10:36] James: who by?
    [22:10:42] $Gangsta_4_u: freeserve
    [22:10:51] James: how much u pay for that?
    [22:11:00] $Gangsta_4_u: bout 36
    [22:11:03] $Gangsta_4_u: pound a month
    [22:11:07] $Gangsta_4_u: i think
    [22:11:14] James: safe
    [22:11:24] $Gangsta_4_u: what?
    [22:11:28] James: hench
    [22:11:35] James: it means good, cool
    [22:11:44] $Gangsta_4_u: o rite
    [22:11:54] James: how old r u?
    [22:11:55] $Gangsta_4_u: i always had 512
    [22:11:58] $Gangsta_4_u: connection
    [22:12:12] $Gangsta_4_u: and we got an upgrade about 2 weeks ago
    [22:12:18] $Gangsta_4_u: i am 16 u?
    [22:12:21] James: 19
    [22:12:37] $Gangsta_4_u: o rite cool
    [22:12:41] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [22:12:51] $Gangsta_4_u: u should shorley have a kick ass pc
    [22:12:57] James: nah im broke
    [22:13:13] $Gangsta_4_u: that should b like 10x as good as my shitty
    [22:13:17] $Gangsta_4_u: its cack
    [22:13:20] James: i would if i could aford it but college and shit it
              all costs money
    [22:13:36] $Gangsta_4_u: ye i guess
    [22:13:43] $Gangsta_4_u: whats the best download client
    [22:13:53] James: IMO bittorent
    [22:13:55] $Gangsta_4_u: r there other other than burst
    [22:14:00] James:
    [22:14:02] James: yeah
    [22:14:04] James: loads
    [22:14:20] $Gangsta_4_u: u got a link to dload the best 1?
    [22:14:24] James: the origanl, sha0ws epirment, Nova, Burst, Asurasu
    [22:14:28] James: um how on
    [22:15:15] James: bets one is shadows experiment
    [22:15:27] $Gangsta_4_u: so
    [22:15:32] $Gangsta_4_u: should i get burst?
    [22:15:33] James: im getting the link
    [22:15:37] James: burst is good
    [22:15:47] $Gangsta_4_u: can i have the link plz
    [22:16:17] $Gangsta_4_u: lol
    [22:16:20] $Gangsta_4_u: i found it
    [22:16:24] $Gangsta_4_u: dont worry
    [22:16:26] James: okay
    [22:16:37] $Gangsta_4_u: how many pc u have?
    [22:16:40] James: 3
    [22:16:43] James: u?
    [22:16:50] $Gangsta_4_u: 5
    [22:17:11] $Gangsta_4_u: i have 2 resonable ones
    [22:17:18] $Gangsta_4_u: the 1 i told u bout
    [22:17:26] $Gangsta_4_u: and 1 almost identical
    [22:17:36] $Gangsta_4_u: and then a 2.6ghz
    [22:17:39] $Gangsta_4_u: laptop
    [22:17:54] $Gangsta_4_u: and 2 amd 800and 900mhz
    [22:18:03] $Gangsta_4_u: what other u got?
    [22:22:08] James: 2 Celrons 600Mhz for work and this
    [22:22:27] $Gangsta_4_u: o cool
    I deleated his addy at the top so u dont go adding him but you can proberly guess mine... o well thats the whole convo. we hadnt spoken in like a year so....

    Happy reading.

  9. Software & Hardware   -   #8
    As you can see i came and posrted hjere what he said just after he said it because its alll time stamped.

    I wasn't lieing. he was trying to act like a big mr hard overclocker i can do anything guy

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    Mar 2004
    maybe he isnt full o shit. i heard you could overclock some p3 to 9ghz
    A good game is still good if its late, a bad game is bad forever, Shigeru Miyamoto

  11. Software & Hardware   -   #10
    Originally posted by BigBoo@17 March 2004 - 23:41
    maybe he isnt full o shit. i heard you could overclock some p3 to 9ghz
    Were you high?

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