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Thread: Firewall Help!

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    I have a linkseys router (ill give product type if neccessary later) and i got the port forwarding working for e-mule for a while. However, all of a sudden it doesnt work anymore, with anything (cant host internet games on warcraft, etc). Anyone know whats going on here?

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    I have been having problems with my router too - I found this site fairly useful (this is the linksys section, I use netgear):

    I am fairly pleased with my router, but it all goes tits up when I use eMule for about a day or so. It is a wireless router, and normally it is fine. But when you use eMule it works for a while (port forwarding, etc), but you come to it the next day and it isn't responding. You can ping it and it replies, but it does nothing else - and the wireless is gone. Also, an "ipconfig /renew" command fails. You have to take the power cable out and plug it back in. Anyway, enough about MY problems...

    Does your router keep logfiles? I can just go to http :// and it brings up the management web-interface for my router. From there you can look at the logfiles it keeps - it may tell you why the port forwarding isn't doing its job. Good luck with it anyway!


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