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Thread: Thanks Everyone!

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    I hope this thread isn't considered useless but, I just felt it nessecary to extend my thanks to all you wonderful guys and girls out there who've help me with my seemingly endless amount of comp related questions and problems. You all answer my questions so fast and with such accuracy I'd swear you're getting paid for it.

    This is a wonderful community and i'm glad to be part of it

    Thanks again!

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    Mate , its what forums are about , sharing ideas, and information to make our community better, and the computer world in general

    All we ask is for anyone to do a little homework first b4 asking questions, so as not to repeat answers over and over again, most of the important facts can be found in pinned topics in each section, and we are all happy to answer any question once we see you are realy stuck or its something different that doesnt occure normaly

    Above all, its it nice just to be thanked once in a while . It doesnt happen often and will keep you in good stead with me and others . Cheers

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    Thank you, we're all here to help.


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