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Thread: Help From K-lite Experts Required!

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    Hi everybody,

    I've been using K-Lite for nearly 6 months and I've noticed that the sources of the files I want to download are only limited to the users in my country and considering I'm a resident of a very small country (MALTA) sources and users are therefore very restricted. A month ago I was on a holiday in the UK next to my brother who lives there and using his KLite, I could see an unbelievable tremendous difference of the sources available.
    What can I do so that I can start downloading from foreign users and from foreign sources? This thing applies also to the uploads - as it seems that only users from Malta upload files from me. I want to change this thing if possible and I've been asking my friends, reading material from the Help topics and also changing some of the settings in my Klite Options but I didn't manage to make my KLite sort of "international". Just to let you know I have a cable internet connection 128K.

    I really appreciate if you can help me.

    Best Regards,
    Jack Daniels

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    Hi jackdaniels

    I'm not a tech-wiz, but...

    Have You learned how to use SuperNodes? Have You tried to connect to SuperNodes in other countries? That can be a start...

    PS. I'm running Kazaa Lite ver 2.43 and connect to SuperNodes all over the world. But if I leave a search going on for long time Kazaa Lite will rather soon reconnect to SuperNodes in my own country.

    Just my two cents...


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    Hi Hammond,

    Thank you for your message. Actually I never tried to change my settings to a supernode but reading about it I didn't understand very well what advantages as a user I can get from supernodes. To let you know I'm not a tech-wiz too and some of the material I read about supernodes was not clear to me. Would you be so kind therefore to tell me in simple terms what are supernodes and how can they solve my original problem?
    I also read in the help topics the following: "Being a Supernode helps other users. Other computers connect to you, and your computer does the searching for them. Your Supernode communicates with other Supernodes worldwide to help other members search the network."
    Having read this, do I benefit as a user from changing to a supernode or only other users benefit?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Jack Daniels

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    Hi Jack Daniels

    OK. I'll try to explain the basics as I understand them, but I hope someone else will give/point You to more info.

    First, it's not at all about that You should force You're own client to be a SuperNode. It's about that You could try to connect to other SuperNodes than those in Malta, if (?) You are connected only to those.

    (Every Kazaa client is connected to a SuperNode, and that SuperNode have a list of the files that other users connected to the same SuperNode are sharing. That's why You can get different search results by connecting to different SuperNodes)

    So, here we go:
    1) Tools menu. Choose/KA ZuperNodes
    2) You'll get a new window with the SuperNode application
    3) Click the Check Status button (down to the left; move Your cursor over the buttons and You'll see the labels.
    4) Doubleclick on a SuperNode that's not in Your country with a fast respons time (0 is the fastest and best)
    5) This choosen SuperNode will now be transferred to the field New Supernode.
    6) Shift-Click on the button Connect to new SuperNode.

    After a little while You are connected to the choosen SuperNode. If it doesn't work click on Set new SN and restart Kazaa (but if You have to do this You're current down- and uploads will be interrupted.

    Hope this will help You on Your way.

    PS. I'll be happy if someone more qualified than me can give more/better info to Jack Daniels. How to download files with SuperNodes from differnet countries, as an example. Or if he has some other problem with his connection, and how to solve it.


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    I've been doing what you've suggested and I've seen an improvement only in the searches - now being a supernode I get much more search results than I used to have before. However, in downloading, I have seen no difference at all as when I click on a file to download after a while it goes in either "more sources needed" or "remotely queued" status. It still seems that I'm very restricted in regards to the sources available as some of the searches were over 50 users and with excellent integrity but still unable to download it.

    I still require help please as I'm going

    Jack Daniels

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    here is a bit of info you need to know

    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon't be fooled by whatyou see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps , and if you have a router you need to get kanat

    now you are connected to a supernode, there are a group of people connected to that supernode also and you can only search each others files unless you jumb supernodes.

    ofcourse where ever that supernodes is, that is the country of the group of people are, well atleast most of them.

    if you want to connect to different countrys then you need to connect to supernodes in that country.

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    It seems I've tried eveything you told me now but with no success: as I told you only the search results improved but downloads are still very poor. I think I'm missing something in the settings as I still can't understand the fact that in the UK I've seen downloads extremely fast as well as uploads being very frequent- this all resulted due to very high resources available. I'm still highly limited and restricted as regards resources although I'm connected as a supernode. Do you think there is another alternative to all this?


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    well i asked you to connect to different supernodes not be one, second which ever supernode you find good sources with then stay connected to that one.

    third read my post again your download speed depends on the # of sources for that file and their upload speed

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    Thanks for your support and I've read and I've been trying what you told me to do. To be honest I've seen an improvement when I tried to connect to different supernodes - rather than being one. However to be realistic, I can't compare my download results to that of my brother in the UK - I'm still very very far from it. I understand that downloads depend on the # of sources and their upload speed as you told me but I think that's applicable everywhere - and still can't understand why normally when he clicks on a file to download (being whatever kind of file) it starts to download immediately. Believe me, what I downloaded in 5 months he did it in a week and I'm sure it's not because of his internet connection speed but because of the many sources available of whatever mp3 and whatever file you try to find.

    I know I have to be patient to get the best results.

    I really appreciate of your help and also hammond's



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    ues well try to connect to the supernodes he is connected to boss

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