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Thread: Can't Connect

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    I'm having connection problems. Got a message in the lower part of the screen in Kazza Lite 2.0.3 which says " KaZap disabled! Switch to Traffic Tab!"

    But the Traffic tab at the top of the screen is greyed out.

    very confused novice

    Internet connection via network access point.

    Any suggestions?

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    go here and download klite 2.4.4 or klr 2.5.0 or klite 2.6

    you version is very old and you are missing a lot of updates

    i recommend try the klr2.5.0 or k-lite2.6 and see which one you like better

    as for your problem there is none, in the old klite we used kazap and it didnot work unless the traffic window was open, but with the new versions we have the accelerator instead and its alot better


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