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Thread: My Windows Desktop's Gone Haywire !

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    Some of my friends/customers often play with their Control Panel Display options and end up in all sort of trouble. Large icons, part screens, missing task bars, weird colour schemes etc etc.

    It often takes me ages on the phone or in visits to get their machine back to a useable desktop state.

    Are there any quick options to set a display back to a Windows default very easily prefferably from a mis-behaving desktop ! ? (eg one might not be able to access Control Panel easily)

    Thank you

    Digby Green

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    follow these steps
    • right click on your desktop
    • go to properties
    • go to appearance
    • select windows XP style
    • click apply

    now all should be fine. (if you're not on XP please say)

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    Thanks for that Marius24,

    I forgot to say that my friends use Widows ME.


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